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Airline Travel

If You Don’t Have TSA-Precheck Status, Plan on Arriving at the Airport a Little Earlier (or Get Precheck Status!): Security lines will be getting longer, because the TSA is implementing tougher screening of check-on items. For example, all electronics bigger than a cell phone will be scanned individually, and you may be asked to remove […]

Purchasing Travel Insurance

Do Not Buy Travel Insurance From an Insurer Owned By the Company You Will be Traveling With:  Our travel agent pointed out the problem she’s seen of the travel company, say a cruise line, recommending particular travel insurance.  If the cruise line goes bankrupt, it turns out that the insurer was owned by, or so […]

Mission Trip Travel is Deductible

It probably goes without saying that if you provide dental or medical services in underserved countries, your transportation, lodging and meals will be deductible, though meals at 50%.  There are a few things to keep in mind.  First, the volunteer work must be for a qualified tax-exempt organization. The charity should confirm its status to […]

Airline Travel

Avoid Airport Problems During Busy Travel Periods:  Air travel problems can occur at any time, but are more likely during heavy travel periods.  This and the next item are based on airport problems (and opportunities) we observed over the recent holiday period.  No one wants to wait around a busy airport so arriving early is […]

Understanding Credit Card Late Charges

Not All Visa Cards Are the Same:  The Visa Card said 19.5% interest, or 1.63% per month.  Late 2 days, you pay a month’s interest.  Interest was calculated on “Average Daily Balance” and not the unpaid balance.  So, $1,000 overdue for 4 days in a month when the average daily balance was $7,000 resulted in […]

Protecting Against Identity Theft Following the Equifax Data Breach

Key personal information for 143 million Americans (half the country) was exposed, including Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses and drivers license numbers. In some cases, the thieves stole security questions and answers used on some websites to verify users’ identities. This can allow scammers to change their victims’ passwords and account settings. In terms of […]

Seminar Updates in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

We’re sorry to report that we’ve had to cancel our 2018 five-day Aggressive Business, Tax and Practice Management Seminar, scheduled for Feb. 12-16, 2018 in St. Thomas. The Virgin Islands and their poor residents took a direct hit from the hurricane. We’re told that the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef, where we’ve conducted this seminar in recent […]

Equifax Data Breach

The biggest of the three consumer credit reporting agencies has had a massive data breach comprising Social Security Numbers, financial and credit history and other sensitive information affecting 134 million U.S. citizens.  For details and for help with what to do (e.g., checking your credit reports and putting freezes on your credit) go to […]

Here is a Great Quote to Live By, “In the End, It’s Not Going to Matter How Many Breaths You Took But How Many Moments Took Your Breath Away”

In that vein, one of our long-time clients realized that he is retiring with far more wealth than he ever imagined when starting out.  He’s decided to take his children and older grandchildren on one amazing trip each year.  So far, they’ve been to Peru to visit Lima and the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu […]

Banks Waive Credit Card Finance Charges/Late Fees if Asked

We’ve written before about banks waiving credit card annual fees to keep a customer.  Now we know some will waive finance charges.  We returned from a trip and discovered an overlooked Mastercard bill that was by then overdue a few days.  We took a chance and called the bank’s 800 number, explained the situation, said […]

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