After practicing many years, if asked, the single best piece of advice I would give a young dentist is to subscribe to the Collier and Associates Newsletter. I would read each and every edition and I would follow its relevant, sound and ‘down-to-earth’ advice. It perfectly balances practice administration, taxes and the professionalism with life and family.

~ Steve J. Kend, DDS - Torrance, CA Steven J. Kend, DDS, Inc.

Collier and Associates have been a part of my practice management since I became an associate in 1988 and then as a practice owner a few years later.

Timely advice from their newsletters and seminars, great locations for their seminars and lifelong friendships that have been established at the meetings are but a few of the many benefits my wife and I have received over the years.

No matter where you are in your dental career, I highly recommend the services of Brandon Collier and his Associates.

~ Stephen M. Joseph DDS - Dayton, OH Family Dentistry

The Greatest Asset Available to Any New Dentist

If I were to retire today, I could spend $25,000 per month for the rest of my life. In addition, my wife of 11 years has accumulated a net worth of well over $1,000,000. Thank you Collier and Associates. Our six children (all major university graduates) and 12 grandchildren have all the college cost paid. They all thank you Mr. Collier. We also have a lavish home in Florida, a waterfront condo on Clearwater Beach, and the opportunity to travel to the finest vacation resorts available across the Western hemisphere on your continuing education seminars.

I started with Harvey Sarner in 1972 when I was in dental school and have been a client of yours my entire professional career. You incorporated my practice way back when.

The greatest asset one could obtain from Brandon Collier, is not just his current resume but his source of history — his 46-year source of what works and what doesn’t, yet modernized to today’s current economy, taxes, and practice management. It’s like having a “test file” of every past examination of every professor you have ever had in dental school. It might not give an absolute assurance of an “A” but it sure does guarantee that you will pass, and ultimately have success in your profession.

This testimonial is not about me. This testimonial bears witness to the fact that an average (just a medium size Pedo practice) combined with a hard work ethic, and imbued with a financial philosophy and legal advice based on common sense can make the dreams of a ghetto boy from West Indianapolis, come true.

Success is when modern day professional models meet historically based evidence.

Eternally grateful!

~ Richard W. Blake, D.D.S. - Clearwater, FL Richard W. Blake, DDS, PA

We are writing to tell you how much we appreciate and enjoy The C & A Newsletter. We have been very fortunate to learn from three generations of editors: beginning with Harvey Sarner, then Richard Collier, and now Brandon Collier. The wealth of information in the monthly newsletters has kept our office up to date on current business, new tax laws, and practice management for forty years. Thank you! Philip and Doris Arnold, Athens, TN

~ Philip K. Arnold, DDS - Athens, TN Philip K. Arnold, DDS, MS, PC

I have used Collier and Associates services from the beginning of my career as an associate until now as a practice owner. They offer a wide range of services from practice valuation and transition to investment advice for retirement planning, all of which they have helped me with. I find the newsletters very insightful to stay up-to-date on various topics that are important to know. I also enjoyed attending one of the seminars where I gained valuable information to implement right away. Thanks to Brandon and Collier’s team of experts, I am more confident running the business side of my practice!

~ Nellie Kim-Weroha, DDS - Rochester, MN GLK Orthodontics

I have subscribed to the Collier newsletter for the past 10 years and have received valuable tax savings and retirement plan suggestions that have truly changed my life.

I really enjoy attending the Collier C.E. courses which are held in beautiful locations and are tax deductible. My most recent Collier course in Costa Rica was fantastic and truly educational.

~ Michael J. Kehoe, DDS - Romeo, MI Kehoe Orthodontics
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