The Longest-running and Most Trusted Publication of Its Kind

The Collier & Associates Newsletter is written for private practice dentists, veterinarians and physicians and covers the issues impacting their practice and personal financial success.
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The Collier & Associates Newsletter includes the latest on:

  • Aggressive but Legal Tax Saving Strategies
  • Long-term saving and investing
  • Laws, Regulations and Court Decisions Affecting Doctors
  • Practice Management
  • Practice Transitions
  • Insurance Needs
  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection
  • and more

“After practicing many years, the single best piece of advice I would give a young dentist is to subscribe to the Collier and Associates Newsletter.  It perfectly balances practice administration, taxes and  professionalism with life and family.”
– Dr. Steven Kend, DDS

The Newsletter is now in its 44th year and is the longest-running, most popular publication of its kind. Tens of thousands of doctors have subscribed as well as hundreds of accountants and lawyers who refer to the Newsletter in order to bring bright ideas to their doctor clients.

uniquely valuable

Unlike every other publication for doctors, the purpose of the Newsletter is to help doctors identify opportunities and avoid mistakes.

Each Newsletter covers many unique topics.  The goal is to both fully and concisely inform doctors about what they need to know and what actions they should be taking.  It is not a sales device used to present part of a topic requiring the doctor to call in and (for a fee) hears the rest of the story.

we sell nothing except ideas


The Newsletter provides useful and practical ideas that are easy to implement at a very low cost. A one-year subscription costs less than what your lawyer charges for an hour of his or her time.

Through the Collier & Associates Newsletter, subscribers become part of a large community and benefit from exclusive offers on other Collier & Associates products and services.

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