Legal and Financial Services for Dentists

Collier & Associates has been providing top-level tax and consulting services to doctors for over a half century. Legal and practice transition services are provided through Collier & McBride, LLC  Attorneys Brandon Collier, Danielle McBride and Tatyana Pishnyak provide legal counsel and advice to doctors and their practices.

Many doctors who have been long time subscribers to the Newsletter and seminar attendees have come to rely upon Collier & Associates for expert advice on medical practice legal and operational matters, and their personal issues.


Legal Services

Collier & Associates has been providing legal services and tax consulting to doctors and their advisors for nearly 50 years.


Practice Transitions

We work with dentists nationwide in every aspect of practice transitions, including appraisals, practice sales, forming group practices, and hiring associates.


Retirement Plans

Retirement plans continue to be the best legitimate tax sheltered savings programs for doctors. Collier & Associates has prepared thousands of IRS approved retirement plans for our clients which have become their primary long-term savings vehicle.


Financial Reviews

Whether you are a young doctor in need of a long-term plan to pay down debt, build a practice and start saving for the future, or you are getting closer to retirement and want some direction, our financial review service will give you a plan of ation to help you achieve your goals.

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