All Collier & Associates seminars are tax deductable, and they are accepted by the Academy of General Dentistry for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit.  The seminars are focused on every stage of a doctors’ career – from young doctors just out of school, loaded with debt all the way through pertinent issues for retired doctors. The topics range from very time tested and ongoing successful strategies to topical and current issues such as cyber security, HIPAA Regulations, social media and marketing. Our seminars are complemented by speakers who are experts in a variety of fields.

Each of our locations is carefully researched and includes some of the top properties in the North American continent. Our destinations range from Alaska to Latin America, from the Caribbean to Hawaii and all across the continental United States. Besides the educational course content we strive to bring a wonderful social and recreational experience to all of our attendees and their families.  Through our parties, organized group activities and tours, many lasting friendships have been formed over the years.

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