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  • Your Trusted Advisors <span>To Dentists, Veterinarians and Physicians</span>

    Your Trusted Advisors To Dentists, Veterinarians and Physicians

    As trusted advisors to the medical community, Collier & Associates provides financial consulting and legal services to doctors.

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    Learn and Grow Practice Seminars for Doctors

    For nearly a half century our seminars have helped doctors at every stage of their career.

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    The C&A Newsletter


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You have a passion for YOUR FIELD.

Serving your patients brings you joy and satisfaction–it’s why you went into it in the first place. However, the details of taxes, insurance, retirement planning, and other financial responsibilities can drain the focus and energy from your daily professional life.

Helping Doctors Succeed in their Profession for Over 50 Years

Collier & Associates, Inc. (C&A) is a law and consulting firm that specializes in taking the stress out of the your profession. At C&A, we’re dedicated to helping you with all aspects of your practice. Our legal services include tax planning, practice transitions (including appraisals and contracts), retirement plans, continuing education seminars, as well as insurance advice, saving and investing, and financial reviews. We help you reach both your personal and financial goals, keeping the joy of practicing at the forefront of your career. 

What Can C&A Do for My Practice?

As trusted advisors to the dental community, Collier & Associates provides financial consulting and legal services to dentists in the following areas:


Practice Transitions

Transitions should be a time of excitement and growth, not anxiety. We represent dentists in all 50 states in all aspects of practice transitions, including practice appraisals, practice sales, forming group practices, and hiring associates.


Retirement Plans

Your future starts today. Retirement plans continue to be the best legitimate tax-sheltered savings programs for doctors. Over the past 45 years, we have prepared thousands of IRS approved retirement plans for our clients which have become their primary long-term savings vehicle.



Collier & Associates has been providing legal services and tax consulting services to doctors and their advisors for over 50 years. Legal services include contract drafting and review and general corporate matters.


Financial Reviews

Whether you are a younger doctor in need of a long-term plan to pay down debt, building a practice and starting to save for the future, or you are close to retirement and want some direction, our financial review service will give you a plan of action to help achieve your goals.

The C&A Doctors' Newsletter

You need the best resources to help you give your patients the quality care they deserve. The Collier & Associates Newsletter is written for private practice dentists, veterinarians, and physicians, covering the issues impacting their practice and personal financial success.

The Newsletter is now in its 46th year and is the longest-running, most popular publication of its kind. Tens of thousands of doctors have subscribed as well as hundreds of accountants and lawyers who refer to the Newsletter in order to bring bright ideas to their doctor clients.

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Upcoming Continuing Education Dental Practice Seminars

Collier & Associates, Inc., has 50 years of experience in providing doctors with timely business information, guidance with planning for retirement, and assistance with buying and selling practices with our inspiring dental CE seminars. All seminars are held in tax deductible locations and doctors can receive continuing education credits through C & A's accreditation with the AGD.

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