How to Find a Trusted Legal Advisor for Your Practice

May 09, 2019 Blog

As a dentist, veterinarian, or physician, you face unique challenges that call upon the expertise of legal advisors who understand the field. Whether buying or selling a practice, buying or selling real estate, dealing with employee or partner agreements, or meeting compliance needs, you shouldn’t face these important transitions without an attorney you trust.

Narrow Your Search

Determine why you need legal guidance, and let that direct your search. If you need an attorney to assist you with a number of matters pertaining to running your practice, then you may want to employ a generalist. If you are facing specific legal issues due to a governmental inspection or an employee complaint, for example, you may prefer to find a specialist who focuses on those concerns.  

Be Strategic with Referrals

When faced with a long list of search results, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Seek out referrals from people you trust in your field, and begin your research from that list, keeping in mind that you may have different needs. You may also obtain referrals from your insurance carrier or state association.  

Interview Your Prospects

Meeting with a prospective attorney will help you determine if they are a good fit for you and your practice’s needs. Prepare your questions ahead of time, ensuring that you cover the following bases:

  • The attorney’s background and experience
  • Any associates who may work with the attorney, along with their background and experience
  • Estimation of time and costs
  • Fee structure
  • Style and frequency of communication

Most attorneys will interview at no charge, but make sure you confirm the arrangements ahead of the appointment.

Representing clients in all 50 states, Collier & Associates has a nationwide perspective on issues facing you and your practice. To see how we can help, request a consultation here.

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