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Important Update on COVID-19—Taking Care of Staff and Cash Flow During Office Shutdowns

Important Update on COVID-19—Taking Care of Staff and Cash Flow During Office Shutdowns

The April 1st issue of the C&A Doctors' Newsletter will be devoted to ways we can fortify our practices during the economic shutdown. But, before that goes to print, we want to address the most immediate needs - helping our staff through this difficult period and having enough liquidity to manage the next several weeks of uncertainty.
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Protecting Your Practice During the Coronavirus Shutdown

It is extraordinary how much our lives are changing so quickly. Practices are shutting down for weeks with no assurance that they can reopen any time soon, certain states are on total lockdown and economic activity has ground to a halt. This is a Newsletter we never imagined writing. But, as we hunker down and…
Senate to Vote on Coronavirus Stimulus Package—What This Can Mean For Your Private Practice & Employees

Senate to Vote on Coronavirus Stimulus Package—What This Can Mean For Your Private Practice & Employees

As we continue through this unprecedented time, some good news is emerging. As you may have heard, the Senate has reached a bipartisan agreement on a $2 trillion aid package to the U.S. economy - the most substantial economic stimulus bill and rescue package in American history.

Small Business Interruption Loans under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT)

Under the Senate bill (which the House has not yet passed, but is expected to do so soon), the federal government will be allocating $349 billion to the Small Business Administration to guarantee loans to small businesses.

CARES Act Webinar – What it means for your practice

CARES Act Webinar - What it means for your practice. Discussion on Payment Protection Program (PPP).

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Applications Begin

Updated 4/2/2020

Wednesday afternoon, the Treasury Department (Treasury) issued four forms, including a sample loan application

SBA Issues “Final Interim Rule” for Paycheck Protection Program

On Thursday evening, the night before this program is scheduled to begin, the SBA issued updated guidance to borrowers and lenders.

No Need to Panic—Borrowers Can Get PPP and EIDL Loans

Over the past weekend, there has been great concern that the SBA’s “Interim Final Rule” from April 2 prohibits borrowers who receive EIDL loan funds after April 3 from applying for a PPP loan. We disagree with this interpretation.

SBA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for PPP Loans Following the Interim Final Rule

Even after the SBA issued its Final Interim Rule on April 2nd, there have been many lingering questions for borrowers and banks. The banks are worried that they will be held to a high level of oversight even though the Treasury and SBA keep telling them they won’t.

350 Billion PPP Funding is Already Exhausted

SBA reports that the $350 billion has all been accounted for. Banks are being told to hold off on submitting new applications until Congress authorizes more funding.


The initial $350B allocated to PPP loans ran out in 13 days, just as sole proprietors, independent contractors and the self-employed were starting to apply.

PPP Updates: More Interim Final Rules and FAQs

This is an update with some of our most recent frequently asked questions and to provide clarity on Friday's released interim guidance from the SBA.


The Application, Schedule A, and Worksheet to Schedule A do a decent job distilling the PPP program into a logical format for requesting loan forgiveness.


The Application, Schedule A, and Worksheet to Schedule A do a decent job distilling the PPP program into a logical format for requesting loan forgiveness.


The Application, Schedule A, and Worksheet to Schedule A do a decent job distilling the PPP program into a logical format for requesting loan forgiveness.


The CARES Act, which passed on March 27, allocated $175 billion to a Provider Relief Fund meant to aid doctors on the front lines of COVID-19.


HHS has extended the deadline for applying for a grant from August 3 to September 13
One question that’s been on many dentists’ minds is whether they can balance bill patients after they receive the HHS grant. If they can’t, then this HHS program won’t be very helpful.

Updated August 27, 2020


On August 4, the SBA, in consultation with the Treasury, issued new frequently asked questions interpreting a few more aspects of the CARES Act and the subsequent PPP Flexibility Act.

FFCRA, PPE, and Your Private Practice – Relieving Dentists of Some Anxiety in These Unpredictable Times

As the Pandemic Continues, Doctors Are Understandably Anxious – What Follows Should Bring Some Needed Relief...

When to Apply for PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPP Loan Forgiveness Has Started – When Should You Apply? Most of us are approaching the end of our 24-week covered period and starting to think about applying for the loan forgiveness...

Updated October 5, 2020

$20 Billion of New “Phase 3” Provider Relief Funding is Now Available

$20 Billion of Additional Provider Relief Funding is Now Available: On October 1st, the Dept. of HHS announced another $20 billion of provider relief funding to help doctors manage the COVID-19 pandemic.


The ADA is lobbying the federal health agencies for dentists and their staff to be allowed early access to a vaccine as essential workers.

Ohio Small Business Relief Grant

$125,000,000 has been designated for Ohio businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19 in grants of $10,000.

Will PPP expenses Be Deductible?

PPP Expenses WILL be Deductible – Lower Your Withholding So You Don't Overpay Your 2020 Taxes.
Congress is finalizing another Covid-19 bailout package estimated to cost around $900 billion.

PPP Loan Update – Applying for Forgiveness and Round 2 Funds

The SBA issued has new “Interim Final Rules” on January 6 and January 19, which help clarify the new round of PPP Loans authorized by the year-end Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (the “Act”). Here are the relevant details.

UNTIL MAY 31, 2021

Step-By-Step Guide for Using the HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal

The Department of Health and Human Services has distributed billions of PRF funds to cover expenses and lost revenue brought on by Covid-19.

Steps to Take When Selling Your Dental Practice

You have worked hard, and it’s time to start planning to sell your practice. Whether you are thinking of selling in a year, or ten years, now is the right time to start planning.

Common Practice Transition Structures

All practice transitions are not alike. It is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in dental and dental specialty transactions to ensure a smooth, comprehensive, and legally valid practice transition.

Should I Get A Claims-Made or Occurrence-Based Insurance Policy?

We get asked this question a lot. There is no right or wrong answer, but here are a few things you should consider when making your decision.

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Thanks so much Brandon!

As an aside (or two or three), I met with my team as a whole yesterday (three in the office/social distancing, masks and gloves enforced, and three on Zoom). Using your message, as well as information from lengthy discussions with my accountant and employment attorney, I shared background information and my/our (my wife Wendy works with us three days a week) decision to furlough the team. I made sure to go around "the room" and asked each of them to share any concerns/questions with the group, while assuring them that they could also come to me personally (by phone or text). I also gave each team member a package of materials that I had printed up from the Ohio.Gov website on unemployment during the coronavirus; this included instructions on filing for unemployment and FAQ. The group discussion, though at times difficult, was very productive. Interestingly, their biggest concern was that I/we would continue to work once this period ended and they would have their jobs back (which may be a reflection of my age and/or the uncertainty that this epidemic would come to an end.)

The information that you shared was critical to helping us through this. They were thrilled to know about the $600.00 per week government "subsidy" and were reassured that we had done our "due diligence" before making this decision. Researching all of this on Monday night (and into Tuesday morning (from about 1:30 to 4:30am when I couldn't sleep), I also found that they could get a little extra income (at least in Ohio) by working an hour or two a week, as long as the "income" was less than 20% of their weekly unemployment benefit. (They may come in alternate days to answer the mail, phone, etc.) As we have always had an answering service (not just a "phone machine,") the service is on alert and will direct any patients or callers with questions to my cell phone or website. After leaving the office and meeting, I went to Key Bank and made our end-of-month deposits through the drive-through. I took the opportunity to ask the "teller" to have the branch manager call me about the PPP loan; the manager called me later in the day to let me know that she would send me the information as she received it so that we could move forward.

I thought I would share this rather lengthy correspondence with you to both let you know how much I appreciated the presentation and to let you know how it helped in a very practical way (which, after all, is the goal of these presentations). You are welcome to use my experience as an example of how dental "owners" can approach this "situation."

-Steven Marsh, DDS
Cleveland, OH

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