Media Policy & Disclosure

At Collier & Associates, Inc. (also referred to as C&A), we believe that using photos of attendees of all ages in our print and web publications fosters a greater sense of belonging and community. We use photos to enhance the quality of our print materials, newsletters, website, social media, and other publicity.

As a participant in C&A seminars, you have a right to opt-out of inclusion in photographs/media, but unless a "Media Opt-Out Release" is signed and on file at the C&A office with a referenced image of the person opting out, participation in C&A activities implies permission for the use of media taken at our events.

C&A will never post images with identifying information such as email address, address, or family members' names. No special compensation is provided to any individual included in media taken at C&A seminars. C&A does not contact individuals to notify them if or when their images are used.

Individuals who have submitted a completed "Media Opt-Out Release" form should make reasonable efforts to alert photographers and videographers in their vicinity taking pictures so that they are not accidentally captured in crowd shots.

This opt-out form does not apply to photos that might be taken and used by others who attend our seminars.

Complete and return this form to the office of Collier & Associates, Inc. ONLY if you do NOT permit us to use your photo, audio, or video in C&A publications or publicity, including printings, social media, or the website. A current photo of the individual MUST accompany this opt-out.