June 1, 2022 - Volume 11


  • Stock Volatility Makes the Market Risky in the Short-Term
  • Short-Term Treasuries Look Attractive
  • More on I-Bonds
  • Yields are Up on Floating Rate Preferred Stock
  • Clarifying the Meaning of “EBITDA”
  • Transition Issues in Group Practices
  • Orthodontic Income is Trending Lower Compared to Last Year
  • Business Meals at Restaurants are 100%, Not 50%, Deductible in 2021 and 2022
  • Required Minimum Distributions for 2022
  • Insurance: Take Pictures and Inventory

The Bear Market is a Painful Reminder That Cash Needed for Near-Term Spending Should Not be in Stocks

It’s easy to forget this when we’re in the midst of a long bull market like 2009-2020 or the Covid-reopen rebound from mid-2020 through the end of 2021. During those times it felt like the market could move in only one direction... up.

May 15, 2022 - Volume 10


  • The Stock Market is Hanging “For Sale” Signs on the Stocks of Many Fine Companies
  • I-Bonds Are Now Paying 9.62%, Guaranteed for the Next Six Months
  • The Loophole Around the $10,000 Annual I-Bond Purchase Limit
  • Businesses and Trusts Can Also Buy I-Bonds
  • Now May be a Good Time to Convert to a Roth IRA
  • Take the Employee Retention Credit If You Can
  • Are You Ready for an Associate?
  • Home Office Deduction

The Stock Market is Hanging “For Sale” Signs on the Stocks of Fine Companies Again

Another day, another selloff in the stock market. Stock prices are falling because investors are worried that the Fed’s approach to tackling inflation will lead to a recession. We’re in a bizarre environment where good news is bad and bad news is bad. The recent jobs report was great, but that’s fueling fears that wage growth and inflation will continue...

May 1, 2022 - Volume 9


  • New Mortality Tables Mean Smaller RMDs
  • Lines of Credit to Purchase a New Home Quickly
  • Determining Fair Market Value of an Office Building
  • For Many Job Switchers, the Grass Isn’t Always Greener
  • A Key Advantage for Doctors Who DON’T Sell Their Practices to DSOs
  • Inflation is the Friend of the Borrower and the Foe of the Lender
  • Understand the “Wash Sale” Rule to Take Advantage of Tax Losses
  • Stay Away from “Equity Indexed” Annuities

Good News! – The New IRS Life Expectancy Tables That Apply Starting in 2022 Will Mean Smaller Mandatory Distributions from IRAs and Retirement Plans

o-called “required minimum distributions” (RMDs) from IRAs and retirement plans commence in the year we turn 72. These distributions are taxable and are the minimums that must be distributed during the calendar year. Failure to distribute the RMD results in a 50% penalty. The annual RMD equals the ending year (Dec. 31) balance in the IRA (or plan) divided by what’s called your “factor.” The factor is based on life expectancies and mortality tables and gets lower each year as life expectancy shrinks. (As the denominator in this equation gets smaller each year, the RMD gets bigger each year.)...

April 15, 2022 - Volume 8


  • Act Soon if You Plan to Sell Your Home
  • No Financing Contingency Home Sales
  • Home Sales with Rent-Back Provisions
  • Retirement Plans Can Still be Adopted in 2022 and be Effective for 2021
  • Industrial Warehouse REITs
  • Forecast of a Bear Market is a Dangerous Reason to Sell a Great Stock or the Market Index
  • Actively Managed Mutual Funds are Better Owned in Retirement Accounts
  • Business Deductions for Vacation Homes
  • IRS Issues New Warning on the Latest Tax Scams

If You Are Planning on Selling Your Home, Act Sooner Than Later

30-year fixed rate mortgages are at 5% - and rising. That is 2% higher than this time last year. The rising rates have begun pricing some buyers out of the housing market. Mortgage applications fell by 8.5% in Feb. 2022 compared to Feb. 2021. That said, the available inventory remains near all-time lows, and prices haven’t yet begun to dip. But, in the words of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, “there’s a growing concern that U.S. home prices are again becoming unhinged from fundamentals.”...

April 1, 2022 - Volume 7


  • The C&A Advanced Investment Webinar Series is Now Available
  • Random Thoughts on Filing 2021 Returns
  • Good News! The Labor Force is Increasing
  • Dental Fees, Labor Costs and PPOs
  • Consider a DSO Sale Only if You Can Accept Getting Nothing For Your Equity Investment
  • Personal Use of Business Travel Rewards
  • Federally Approved Drivers Licenses Will Soon be Needed for Domestic Air Travel
  • Market Volatility and the Risk of Recession
  • Investments for Inflationary Times
  • Ways to Simplify Investing

Some Random Thoughts on Filing 2021 Tax Returns

  1. Take Extensions – We believe you reduce the odds of audit if you pay your tax by April 15 but take the six-month automatic filing extension to October 15.
  2. Do Not Miss the Deadline for HSA, IRA, and Retirement Plan Contributions – IRA and HSA contributions are due by April 15, 2022. Profit sharing and defined benefit plan contributions must be made by the due date of the tax return, including extensions. One exception is that defined benefit contributions have to be made within 8-1/2 months after the close of the year.
  3. Written Acknowledgements from Charities – Be sure you have the required written acknowledgements to support any contribution of $250 or more. Be sure the acknowledgements are dated before the date you file your tax return...