An account has been created that will allow you to monitor the progress on your request. You will be receiving an email soon that contains your login details for this account. If you do not receive an email within the next 5 minutes, please reach out to That email will contain a link to your feasibility study.

Some of the documents you will need at this stage include the following:


A. If incorporated, a copy of the last corporate tax return. If unincorporated, a copy of the Schedule C from your latest tax return.

B. A list of all current and terminated employees this past year, and your own W-2 compensation.

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of employment
  • Estimated annual compensation
  • Estimated hours per week

c. The following plan documents if applicable:

(1) copy of existing plan(s) and Summary Plan Description(s);
(2) copies of all plan amendments;
(3) copy of the most recent IRS determination letter(s);
(4) statement indicating total amount in each participant's account(s) as of the end of the last tax year (list voluntary contributions separately); and
(5) if any employee has received a distribution, indicate the employee's name, date of hire, date of termination, date of payment, amount of payment and amount and disposition of forfeitures (if any).