Whether you are a younger doctor needing help developing a long-term plan to pay off debt, build a practice and start saving for the future, or you are getting closer to retirement and want some direction, our financial review service provides value for doctors of any age.

We will review your particular situation, including your investment portfolio, insurance limits, savings capacity and family commitments and make sensible easy-to-implement recommendations.


You can trust that our advice will be honest, unbiased and tailored to you. Why? Because we are not in the business of selling financial products. We are not stock brokers or investment advisors charging a percentage of your assets for money management, nor do we sell insurance. We commonly recommend that clients save money by moving away from advisors who charge expensive and hidden fees or by terminating overpriced insurance or annuity products. By remaining independent and unaffiliated with any financial services company, we can provide honest and impartial advice to our clients.


Young Doctors embarking on a professional career are inundated with concerns – from paying down debt to taking over a new practice and potentially starting a family. There is a natural urge to delay learning about financial management until later.

But, the earlier young doctors can focus on these matters, the sooner they can start enjoying their life to the fullest. We have developed a financial planning service specially tailored to their unique concerns.


We start by gathering background information to get an understanding of your current financial picture, both personal and within your practice. Then we recommend ways to refinance student and business loans and begin a long-term savings plan.

Even if pre-paying high-interest rate debt is the most sensible approach, we will always recommend at least a small amount being invested for long-term growth. There will always be compelling uses for your money – from buying a new car, to taking a nice trip, to updating your home. The goal is to get into the habit of saving some money each year – starting at a young age. When it comes to building wealth, three things matter most: how much you’re saving, your rate of return and how long you are doing it. Of those three, time is your greatest asset, and it’s vital to start the savings habit early.

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